Jenny is jobless, homeless, has been diagnosed with depression, and is trying hard to get better. As Jenny recovers, she stays with her best friend Nicole, a flippant, somewhat superficial but well-meaning bad influence. Can friendship cure depression? No. But what if it’s all you’ve got?


Stephanie Fagan

Stephanie Fagan is a Brooklyn based actor and writer. She is an Emerson College alumnus, and holds an MFA from The Actors Studio Drama School, where she studied acting, playwriting, and screenwriting. She is also a member of the Playwrights/Directors Unit at The Actors Studio. Her desire to de-stigmatize mental health motivates much of her writing, and is the driving force behind her work in 'Woe Is She'. She co-hosts the comedy and storytelling podcast 'That's the Spirit', which performed three sold-out live shows this past year and has fostered a dedicated fan base all over the world. Stephanie grew up a singer, and if she's not at her desk or in rehearsal, she's probably at her piano.


Chelsea B. Lockie

Chelsea is a Brooklyn based Director of theater and film. She hails from Elko, Nevada and received her MFA in directing from The Actors Studio Drama School and is a member of the Playwriting & Directors Unit at the Actors Studio. She has a passion for developing new works in theater and film with strong female leads in every genre from comedy to emotionally driven character dramas, to political thrillers. Recent new directing work/content includes: ‘RADICAL’ a play presented at the 2017 NAACP Conference. ‘Where It Stops’ a short film premiering at Chelsea Film Festival October 20th, 2018, and ‘Coming Out’ a new female driven pilot produced by Hapa Media. She is currently co-producing an adaptation of the 1980s classic film Diner re-imagined with amateur actors from Harlem Children’s Zone and Senior Citizens form the 92nd Street YMCA.


Kathleen Simmonds

Kathleen is a New York based actress and producer (and reformed corporate Attorney). Born in Australia and raised all over the world, she holds an MFA from The Actors Studio Drama School in New York and is a Lifetime Member of the Actors Studio. Kathleen is a strong advocate of women’s rights and telling stories from the female perspective. As Line Producer for Emmy-nominated production company Break Thru Films, she recently worked on the Netflix and Eva Longoria documentary “Reversing Roe” and the short film “New Voices” (featuring Ava DuVernay, Mira Sorvino, Yance Ford and Salma Hayek) which played at the 2018 Academy Awards in response to the Me Too and Time’s Up movements. Kathleen also attends improv training from The PIT in New York thanks to a full scholarship from the MVRP program.